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Buying Boom Trucks - What You Need To Know

There are several boom trucks (commonly referred to as jacked up trucks for sale) available which handle various jobs in several industries. These vehicles have long been utilized by workers within the forestry industry, utility industry, plus several other kinds of businesses. There are many things to know regarding these trucks. Below is some important information about this extremely useful piece of equipment.

Differences in Design

Boom trucks derived their name due to the bucket-like cubicle connected to a boom that’s installed on the rear side of a truck floor. This device can typically carry one or two individuals, depending on the producer’s listed capability of the truck. The individuals are then elevated to higher heights to carry out their functions.

There are usually two different sets of controls maneuvering the boom: one set is situated within the bucket or on the outside at a moderate distance within the reach of the operator; another set is situated at the bottom of the boom. Lower controls override upper controls during an emergency. Nevertheless, the lower control should only be utilized with the consent of the boom operator or user. There are two kinds of lifting arms: basic and articulated crane type. The popularity of the articulated boom is increasing as it can be used in several different ways, particularly in tight spaces.


The boom truck is among the most sophisticated, heavy-duty equipment that is utilized by different industries to simply their functions, for example forestry, communications and several others. With these trucks, workers are able to reach places where they cannot get to by using a standard ladder. A worker can ride within the bucket that’s connected to the boom arm and then elevated to the required height to perform that task that needs to be done. For example, a forestry truck is fitted with hydraulics and a bucket to enable forest workers get to tree branches and carryout their tasks safely.

Buy Pre-owned Or New

It is always best to buy new Utility Fleet Sales & bucket trucks because they offer the finest functionality as well as safety features. Even though brand new boom trucks cost a considerable amount of money, the guarantee of its safety makes the investment well worth it. If you cannot afford to buy a new truck, there are several reliable dealers that offer used boom trucks also.

Boom trucks can lift workers to where they have to be so as to do their jobs with ease and safely. Knowing about these trucks can help you determine if your company needs one as well as ensure that you buy the best vehicle for your business. If you are looking to buy a new or used bucket truck, you should contact Utility Fleet Sales.

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